What people say ...

“I was recommended the Bowen Technique and given Carol’s name by a friend after being diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.  The doctor told me that it could take up to two years to heal and prescribed anti inflammatory & pain relief and suggested an injection into my shoulder if there had been no improvement within a month.   After the first session with Carol my arm had a full range of movement and the pain had almost gone.


I was training for the local marathon at the time and continued to run as it did not seem to affect my shoulder. I noticed that my legs felt great, especially after my long Sunday training run. I had a further two treatments with Carol, by the end of the second treatment my shoulder was 90% better and my legs seemed to recover from my 15-18 mile Sunday runs very quickly.  I would strongly recommend the Bowen Technique. My frozen should was 100% better after three treatments. No drugs or injections required.”

Steve, Braintree, Essex


For six months following a fall from some step ladders, I suffered constant back pain and freqent crippling pain spasms which would immobilise me for several minutes.  I was given several types of strong prescription pain killers (including morphine patches), all to no available.  I also had accupuncture, manipulation and  electrical therapy (medical tens machine), non of which were effective.  I knew of Bowen therapy through a friend who had many times suggested I try it, but admit I was sceptical. There was a marked reduction in my pain levels after just one session and after my third appointment with Carol, the spasms stopped completely and have not returned.


Quite apart from the pain relief given, the level of relaxation is incredible.   Bowen therapy may have been my last port of call but from now on will always be my first!  Carol, you are a star!

Pauline Birch, Feering, Essex


"When I first starting have Bowen therapy with Carol it was because I was having problems with my hip, caused by many years of playing football and more recently as a runner. During my consultation Carol picked up that I was also having pain in my neck & shoulder and so it was a bonus that after a course of treatments, both the aching to my hip and neck had greatly reduced."

Carl, Chelmsford, Essex


“When I first considered trying the Bowen technique it was with a degree of scepticism. I had had glowing reports from friends, but couldn't see how such a light touch technique could possibly make a difference - how wrong I was! Carol took a full case history of the problems I had been having for years with my knees, and recommended a couple of sessions to 'fix' me. There is a particular move she does on your knee that is most bizarre, but I'll leave you to find that out for yourself - suffice to say, what a difference! Since the treatment I have been able to run without pain, I can walk downstairs like a normal person - amazing. Thank you Carol, I am now a convert to the Bowen Technique!”

Julie, Basildon, Essex


“Whenever I’ve had any back or neck problems, the Bowen Technique has always successfully put an end to them as well as aligning my body and increasing my energy.  I can’t recommend it highly enough”

 Jerome Flynn, Actor

“Bowen is a vital support.  It has helped keep my body together”

Bear Grylls, Adventurer and Broadcaster

“Quite simply, one of the most straightforward and effective ‘hands on’ therapies available"

Jane Alexander, Daily Mail